Sunday, 23 September 2012

At home laser hair removal approved by the FDA

There are many different at home laser hair removaldevices available today, but only a few are actually safe for home-based use. In fact, of the hundreds to thousands of products which claim to be safe for personal use at home, only two of these are approved by the FDA. Approval from this agency is important so as to ascertain that hair removal manufacturer’s claims of absolute safety and effectivenessof their products are proven true. With the FDA’s approval, these two devices are tested for absolute safe use even when operated by an average person at home. It is also important to use these kinds of products so you’re at peace that you are getting something while not producing harmful effects at the end. Here are the two devices for at home laser hair removal that are FDA approved:

1. Tria Laser Hair Removal System. This is the first laser hair removal device for personal use at home that is cleared by the FDA. Since 1990s, Tria has been in the market earning respects of many and garnering awards for its good reputation as producing and providing quality and best laser hair removal at home. The Tria Laser Hair Removal System is also endorsed by famous men and women who actually swear to be using it as a permanent hair removal method.

2. Silk’n Personal Light-Based Hair Removal Device. This device from Silk’n is approved by the FDA to be absolutely safe for home-based use even without the direct supervision coming from your physician. It is also cleared to be quick and effective in permanently removing unwanted body hair in the convenience of your home. Like the TriaLaser Hair Removal System, Silk’n devices were tested at clinical areas of study and research before they were approved by the FDA, so you can really tell that their products are harmless and can give excellent hair removal outcomes.

These two products will likely give you over 95% permanent hair removal in certain areas of your body. Though the FDA also caution the consumers that both of these are not as powerful as what you see at the doctor’sclinic, you are guaranteed that these work well and also save you a relative high amount of money which costs you much in the clinics or spa. It is, however, more important that you make use of the device properly by reading the instructions carefully or consulting first your doctor whether your skin tone or type will qualify for the use of the laser hair removal at home device.

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