Friday, 21 September 2012

Devices for permanently removing hair at home

Permanent hair removal at home is a great option to many people over going to a spa or a clinic to get their unwanted hair removed. The main reason on why most people prefer at home treatments for hair removal is because of the privacy and comfort they get while personally owning a hair removal device. In addition, the substantial amount they can save for having at home permanent hair removal is comparatively alike to spending it on a clinic. Though home devices for getting rid of hair are considered effective for use; these require a considerable number of doing it continually before you can see any results. Within this period, you will still see a few hair growing back but after performing the recommended number of doing the treatment, you will observe that little by little the growth of hair is stopped.

Like the professional treatments for permanently removing hair, the best results of permanent hair removal at home are seen on those people with fair skin and darker hair. However, a person who desires to perform hair removal treatment at home needs to carefully select the model or device to use before purchasing it since many of these home devices are not safe. Here are some high-tech devices that are commonly used as permanent hair removal at home.

1. Silk'n. This device, though not using laser technology to remove hair, it uses a pulsed light that works in the same way with laser treatment to stop the growing of hair. It is also proven to be safe for neck use going down. It has adjustable settings ranging from high to low mode so you can choose the amount of heat to be delivered to your skin. The latest model of this device has already a built-in skin detector that checks the person’s skin tone for safety purposes.

2. Epila. This diode laser device for hair removal at home is much cheaper than any other brands available in the market. Nonetheless, you can still expect excellent results in removing hair similar to the results brought by the expensive devices.

3. Tria. This rechargeable cordless device also uses diode laser that is safe for use from the neck going down. It has also five adjustable settings that you can choose from to control heat amount and it has automatic skin sensor that detects your skin tone and unlocks if you seem to qualify having that light skin or darker hair. To many, this is the safest and most efficient device used for permanent hair removal at home.

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