Thursday, 13 September 2012

Common Methods of Hair Removal in Women

For so many years, women have been battling in getting rid of all the undesired hair on most areas of the body such as armpit, legs, arms and other body parts. Problems on hair growth and hair excess are varied which can be hereditary for some women or effects of hormonal changes in others. No matter the reason, there are a lot of ways on how women can get rid of their unwanted hair. Along with your body hair’s quick growth, several methods and products in getting rid and keeping these hair from coming back are already competing in the market. Here are some widely used techniques of hair removal for women:

Hair removal method #1: Laser hair removal. Since its breakthrough, laser method of hair removal has been a tremendous help for women in removing body hair. It’s safe, becoming more affordable every year, and delivering most women great results. It works best on darker shade of hair and never on white hair. It usually takes five to six sessions before excellent results can be achieved. This method of hair removal for women should only be performed in clinics by the experts.

Hair Removal method #2: Electrolysis. Today, it is the only method to be considered as a permanent hair removal treatment. It uses a tiny, very thin needle inserted into the hair shaft down to its follicle until it reaches the cells that are responsible for the hair’s growth. It then destroys these cells causing them to become impaired, thus unable to grow hair eventually. It can be used in any part of a woman’s body as well as in the face.

Hair Removal method #3: Waxing. Waxing has already been a traditional method of hair removal for women. However, today’s waxing is far different from the method used over the decades. The customary painful, infection prone waxing method is now replaced with gentler, more subtle way of doing the treatment. However, it’s still a temporary approach of removing unwanted hair; a major drawback of waxing.

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